When Youre Around - The Downtown Fiction - Double E.P. (File)

12.12.2019 Mikakinos Rock 8

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  1. The Downtown Fiction song lyrics collection. Browse 74 lyrics and 30 The Downtown Fiction albums.
  2. Cap'n Sir- and EveryBody Else if Youre Interested--On Patrol i Just Noticed that when the Flower Counter Drops Down it Shows A Gold Coin Symbol- (well EveryBody Knows this-Duh) but what i Saw is a Diamond Symbol- Sho Nuff it Gimme a Diamond! ive gotten Diamonds before but never knew we could Expect them-wow.
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  4. jump around jump around jump up jump up and get down jump jump jump jump jump jump uhh like shut the fuck up and stuff. if ya wanna jump go jump in a fuckin lake. i live just outside of detroit. i know what the streets is like. EMs got a life behind his lyrics. its pretty clear who really kicks ass by the records sold.
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