That Sinking Feeling - Day Of Dagmar* - Day of Dagmar (CD, Album)

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  1. Queen Dagmar is the Queen of Maru, the ex-wife of the King Zøg and the mother of the Princess Bean and the true main antagonist of Disenchantment. Queen Dagmar is a beautiful woman with voluminous, waist-length white hair and big round eyes. She wears an elegant royal blue dress with a turquoise sleeveless top and a revealing crimson corset. She wears a chocker necklace with a large gemstone.
  2. In past tense, the act of confusing your friends through deleting and readding and then blocking them on facebook, being nice in person but crazy every other time, .
  3. People. Dagmar (given name), a feminine Scandinavian and German given name Berthe Dagmar (–), French film actress; Dagmar (American actress) (–), main stage name of American actress Virginia Ruth Egnor Dagmar (Puerto Rican entertainer) (born ), Puerto Rican entertainer Dagmar Rivera.
  4. Dagmar is the name of a smart, funny, extremely sexy, beautiful and she is just one of a kind. She loves to dance and parties all the time. She is also extremely clever and loves to read books. When she walks down the street, not only boys, but also girls turns their heads to see what a hottie that just walked past them. She is also so down to earth and she has so much swag!
  5. DAGMAR is a marketing approach used to measure the results of an advertising campaign. DAGMAR is an acronym that stands for d efining a dvertising g oals for m easured a dvertising r esults.
  6. Dagmar is an indie classical, harmony driven band currently based out of Iowa. A new music project with history, Gemma Cohen (vocals, bass) and Miranda Mallard (vocals, keyboard, guitar) are Dagmar's core. They have attained sister status after having sung together for over 8 years in the trio Rock.
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