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Moloch: The Emperors Procession

05.12.2019 Bramuro Classic Rock 8

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  1. date of Easter At the Council of Nicaea in , all the Churches agreed that Easter, the Christian Passover, should be celebrated on the Sunday following the first full moon (14 Nisan) after the vernal equinox. Because of the different methods of calculating the 14th day of the month of Nisan, the date of Easter in the Western and Eastern Churches is not always the same.
  2. Moloch, whose disgusting exactions we find in Phœnicia, and at Carthage also, demanded male worship. The belly of the god’s statue was a furnace, in which a fierce fire was kindled and fed with animal sacrifice; around it the priests and their proselytes danced to the sound of music, sang wild songs, and debased themselves by practices of a.
  3. From the Triumphant March of the the Emperor Maximilian (Albertina, Vienna, ). The Triumphal Procession aka Triumphs of Maximilian is a monumental 16th-century series of woodcut prints by several renown artists and commissioned by the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I. Image: Biblioteca Nacional de España.
  4. The two kings lead the procession of workers from the vicinity of the Temple to the new tomb. "Solomon (had) 1, chariots." (2 Chron. 1, ) Models for this painting were an ancient chariot and harness unearthed in Egypt. Hiram cast the pillars Jachin and Boaz [/2 feet high ] .
  5. One of the oldest and most cult names in Italian Black Metal, ABHOR conjure their fifth album and MORIBUND debut "Ab Luna Lucenti, Ab Noctua Protecti"."A.L.L.A.N.P." is an otherworldly voyage into the mysterious unknown, a twilit sojourn through esoteric realms. The vessel being the sort of mystical Black Metal as only the ancient masters can create intertwined with esoteric Italian occult rock.
  6. Also at the mouth of the Valley of Hinnom is situated Topheth, the high place where Achaz and Manasses set up the worship of Baal-Moloch (II Par., xxviii, 3; xxxiii, 6). The good King Josias defiled this execrable place, scattering human bones over it (II Par., xxxiv, ), in spite of which Joakim restored there the infamous worship of Moloch.
  7. Compare him with all the Christian emperors -- with all, the robbers and murders and thieves -- the parricides and fratricides. and matricides that ever wore the imperial purple on the banks of the Tiber or the shores of the Bosphorus. Let us compare Bruno with the Christians who burned him; and we will compare Spinoza, Voltaire.
  8. And because of the vast effusion of the blood of martyrs which was shed under the emperors, God will most severely and justly avenge them, and it shall be utterly destroyed, and burned by a most terrible and afflicting conflagration.” [vi] Throughout.
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