Nothin (That Compares 2 U) (Sensitive Vocal Mix) - The Jacksons - Nothin (That Compares 2 U) (Vinyl)

16.07.2019 Maucage Classical 8

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  1. We want the vocal to shine through the mix without the low-end cluttering it up. It’s such an important part of the mix, and we don’t it to come off muddy and boomy. But what can you do to fix muddy vocals? I got a question from a reader who had this exact issue. He was having problems with too much low-end, causing the vocals to sound boomy.
  2. Nothin (That Compares 2 U) (The Mix), (Choice Dub),(Extended Version),(Sensitive Vocal Mix),(Bass World Dub) Us 12" The Jacksons (Artist) Format: Vinyl See all 2 formats and editions Hide other formats and editions.
  3. The Jackson Five Nothing (that Compares 2 U) US 12" vinyl single (12 inch record / Maxi-single) Tracklisting / Additional Info: 1. The Mix 2. Choice Dub 3. Extended Version 4. Sensitive Vocal Mix 5. Bass World Dub: Condition: This item is in Excellent condition or better (unless it says otherwise in the above description).
  4. Note: There is a lot of flack on the Internet about his range and the counting of exclamations above C6.I'm counting the exclamations in his range because 1) they're not strained 2) They're not unintentional 3) They're clean. And for the Eb2, he has sung down to an F#2 in a vocal warm-up and the Eb2 is years later in
  5. This is a given on almost every vocal track I’ve ever mixed. Sometimes you capture some extra low-end rumble in the vocal mic, which can quickly muddy up your mix. Set a high-pass filter at around Hz to start. You can go lower or much higher. Let your ears guide you. 2. Low-Mid Cut.
  6. The "Jack" part is from "Jack" by Breach, but I don't know about the U female vocal. They sometimes use a sample of Soulja Boy saying "You!" though.
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